Olafs are not simple plastic toys, they are high-end products. Both models are designed, developed and manufactured in the EU. They are handmade using best available materials for platforms (hand welded aluminum chassis, wooden platform made from locally sourced wood, high quality wheels and bearings) and suitcases/backpacks (impact resistant plastic, high-density EVA foam, PVC free textiles).

Smart curving based steering system with carbon steel axis which absorbs road bumps, allows extremely sharp turns (turning radius 3m/10 feet); we have determined that the same mechanism can be used for both adults and children (7 years and up).

Business model – steering system: Clever steering system (when used as a kick scooter) with adjustable force feedback mechanism – it’s extremely easy to adjust the sharpness of the turns.

Both Olaf scooters have the same patented pedal transformation folding system that allows instant transformation to all functionalities. Being pedal assisted, you can fold it while still holding on to your passport, boarding pass, and, of course, taking an urgent phone call right before boarding or entering the metro.

Wheels can be purchased in any local store selling rollers/roller skates equipment;

We tested both models with riders up to 150 kg/330 lbs.

You might have noticed that some promo material use Propel brand name. We changed the brand name in the process.

Yes, it’s open platform. By pledging to the URBAN platform, you will receive the Urban platform and special adjustable harness based system that will allow you to attach/detach any backpack/pack/purse of your own. However, you will probably not be able to use Urban as a backpack since our backpacks have specially designed backs that fit into platform when folded thus allowing to be carried as backpack.

The 3 wheel Olaf scooter concept is by default simple to use and safe. Both models have built-in effective rear wheel brake and safe folding system. Urban is in addition covered by large reflective material that will allow you to be better seen at night. We strongly advise you to use helmets at all times and stay aware of weather & road conditions, and everyone and everything around you. Use common sense, and don’t go beyond your experience level.